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Kerala Tour Package

The fact National Geographic has suggested KERALA as one of the must see destinations in the world. And We the GSA for Kerala Tourism and the approved private agent for promoting Kerala package tours throughout Kerala. We have been appreciated in Outlook traveler magazine for creating and promoting Kerala tour packages to meet of international traveler visiting Kerala. Since establishing the in 90’s our team has grown to include more than 20 Tour Professionals. We have been recommended by the Lonely Planet Guidebook for the past 4 years and the Footprints Handbook for the last 3 years. We are members of the Indian Association of Tour Operators. We are leading the way in setting new standards in the Kerala Tourism Industry. We look forward to welcoming you to Gods Own country the vibrant and enchanting land, with open hearted people and a myriad of sights and sounds awaiting you.

Kerala Backwaters : Backwaters are an amazing phenomenon of Kerala - a necklace of lagoons lakes, canals and rivers that run through the length of this beautiful land. In fact much of Kerala's uniqueness lies in its backwaters - found nowhere else in the world.
Visit to the backwater destinations of Kumarakom, Kollam and Kozhikode can be a most rewarding experience. The lagoons at these destinations with their spectacular view and fringed by coconut trees have been featured in travel books all over the world. No journey to the backwaters is complete without a stay on board a "Kettuvallam" or a houseboat which takes you on a journey through the length and breadth of the lagoons and waterways !
Kerala Hill Station Tour : The Western Ghats mountain ranges make up an impressive fortress all along Kerala. These mountains ranging from the southern tip of Kerala all the way to Mumbai, on the western coast of India have been a natural barrier in the eastern border of Kerala and a helping hand to reap the bounties of both the Southwest and the Northeast monsoons.
The hill stations of Kerala have drawn the attention of tourists for their agreeable climate and proximity to the wildlife sanctuaries. These hill station ranges are also home to most of world's spices and have over the centuries attained a certain mystique. The principal hill stations are at Wayanad in North Kerala, Munnar and Thekkady in Central Kerala and Ponmudi in South Kerala !
Kerala Wild Life Tour : The elephant is the symbol of Kerala, signifying the deep links that the forests have on the lives of the people of Kerala. These forests have been closely associated with the customs, traditions, and social life of Kerala for centuries. The forests here are indeed some of the most magnificent and varied found anywhere in the world.
A number of excellent Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks have been created to protect the forests and the multitudes of animals therein. Periyar Tiger Reserve, Silent Valley National Park, Eravikulam National Park … are some among the best managed sanctuaries in India !
Kerala Adventure Tour : Kerala is uniquely suited for the adventure traveler… the Sea on the West for water sports, the Backwaters suited for canoeing, the fast flowing rivers for rafting and the trails along the Western Ghats mountain ranges which are among the very best found anywhere in India for trekkers.
A host of adventure activities have come up in Kerala - trekking, paragliding, river rafting, mountain biking, canoeing and wildlife / birding tours. Perhaps no other state in India can boast of all elements of adventure that Kerala can offer !
Kerala Beaches : Kerala has long stretches of silvery beaches for those interested in the Sun . . . Most of it is still in a pristine stage, giving a chance to the wanderer to enjoy these stretches in relative peace. Kovalam to the south of capital Thiruvananthapuram, Varkala, Cherai, and Alleppey are some of the best beaches on the Southern stretches of the state.
The beaches to the North are beautiful, unspoiled and not too crowded. The districts of Kannur and Kasargod have many miles of unbroken silvery beaches. Some of these have been developed into resorts, but the vast majority is still there for the travelers interested in Solitude and Sun !

Kerala Ayurveda Packages : Ayurveda, harmony of body, mind and soul . . . it's a unique, indispensable branch of medicine. Ayurveda believes in the treatment of not just the affected part, but the individual as a whole, making it the natural way to refresh yourself, eliminate all toxic imbalances from the body and thus regain resistance and good health. Kerala is the land of Ayurveda.. Kerala's equable climate, natural abundance of forests with a wealth of herbs and medicinal plants and the cool monsoon season are best suited for Ayurveda's curative and restorative packages !
Kerala Culture : Isolated from the rest of India by the mountainous belt of the Western Ghats but with a long coastline open to foreign influences, Kerala has evolved as a unique culture. Western and Eastern influences have helped shape it's uniqueness in culture, art forms, music, dance and the very ethos of the people of Kerala. Art forms of Kerala range from Kathakali, one of the dance forms of Kerala considered to be amongst the oldest Indian Dance styles to the graceful Mohiniyattam. The vibrant and distinct music of Kerala so closely related to temple festivals and the elegant snake boat races have always been the favorite of tourists visiting Kerala.

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