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North India Cuisine || South India Cuisine || East India Cuisine || West India Cuisine 

The ultimate destination of foodies is the North Zone of India. There is absolutely no dearth of variety for a creative gourmet in this part of the country. The zone is fortunate to be the hub of some of the most exotic styles of cooking. Many of which are renowned all over the world and regarded as the most developed and refined of all culinary arts. 

Popular North India Cuisine

 Seekh Kabab Made with keema (lamb or beef mince) and traditionally cooked in a tandoor oven, Seekh Kabab is a traditional South Asian cuisine. Seekh Kabab consists of small cubes of meat threaded on a skewer that are grilled or roasted. Here we are using lamb mince but you can use any kind of meat according to your taste. Lamb Seekh kebab and beef seekh kebabs are the most popular.

Tandoori Chicken - Mughlai cuisine is famous worldwide for their richness in terms of flavors, aroma, and color. Tandoori Chicken is one of the most delicious dish from Mughlai cuisine. The best feature of Tandoori Chicken is it is easy to prepare and it is not as oily as other chicken dishes. Enjoy the real Tandoori chicken with us

Sab Deq Kashmiri Roghan Josh - Kashmir is known for its unique style of cooking and the perfect blend of spices in the Kashmiri cuisine. Unlike rest of the India Kashmir cuisines are more or less based on meat and Shab Deg Kashmiri Roghan Josh is one of the gourmet's delight from Kashmir. The famous Red Kashmiri dish is one the most celebrated dish of Kashmir. Try this lazzez dish and rule everyone's heart today.

Sarson Ka Saag - Sarson ka Saag, is originally a Punjabi dish but now its gaining popularity all over North India. It is prepared with mustard leaves and often accompanied with makki de Roti. The luscious green sarson ka saag tastes fabulous with makki de roti and a dollop of butter. Make sarson ka saag this time with us and leave everyone asking for more

Murg Mussallam - The 'Murg Mussallam' (literally means whole chicken) is one such delicacy perfected by the cooks of Awadh. Competence of the cook is gauged by his ability to cook the dish cooked on ceremonial occasions. The preparation of Murg Mussallam requires a good command over the blending of spices and knowledge of heat control. Purists prefer country chicken to the broiler for the cooking of any chicken dish because they consider the farm chicken no match the robust roaster even though the cooking to me and processing is longer in the later case. 

Shami Kebabs - Taste the delicious Shami Kabab's from the Nawabi banquet of Awadh cuisine. It would be no exaggeration to say, Shami Kababb is the ‘National’ kabab of Awadh. Made from mince meat and enriched with a lot of garam masala, the kababs are round patties, which tastes amazing. Shami kebabs are an extremely popular snacks to have, as appetizers. Shami Kababs are garnished with lemon juice or sliced raw onions, and are usually eaten with chutney made from mint or coriander.

Shahi Paneer - Shahi Paneer is considered to be a mainstay dish especially in the Northern parts of India. Shahi which means 'Royal' and Paneer when translated is ' Cottage Cheese' gives Shahi Paneer a royal feel to it. However, Shahi Paneer is a famous dish liked by many and is available in almost all the hotels, restaurants and roadside eateries. 'Shahi Paneer' is undoubtedly one of the most popular dishes originating from India. Presented below is the cooking method to prepare the famous Indian dish of Shahi Paneer along with the ingredients required.

Gobi Manchurian - Gobi Manchurian is set to have originated in China and has now become a mainstay in India because of its popularity. Gobi (Cauliflower) is the main ingredient used in Gobi Manchurian and added spices make it one of the most savoured delicacies in India.


South India Cuisine

Cuisine from southern part of India offers a variety of popular dishes. South Indian cuisine is known to display a wide range of options to the vegetarian and non-vegetarian food lovers. Popular south Indian dishes like Idli, dosa  and sambhar are the most savoured items loved across India.

Popular South India Cuisine 

Hyderabadi Biryani - Biryani is a popular dish and relished all across India. Hyderabadi Biryani is one of the most sought after variants of the popular biryani. The name is a giveaway, Hyderabadi Biryani has its origins from Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh. Hyderabadi Biryani is a non-vegetarian dish and its main ingredients are meat, rice and spices. 

Sambar - Sambar is amongst the most popular items in south India cuisine. Sambar is a spicy and aromatic preparation which has for years been liked by many people in India. Sambar is preferred by many and is taken mostly with idli, dosas and rice. 

Dosa - Dosa is basically a crepe made from rice and black lentils.It is a typical South Indian dish, eaten for breakfast or dinner, and is rich in carbohydrates and protein.

Romaalo Roti - As the name suggests romaali roti is a paper thin bread prepared artistically. Romaali roti owes its origin from Andhra Pradesh but now it is a sure shot bread available on every top restaurants menu in all over India. Here we will tell how to make rumali rotis in your home


Bhagara Baingan 

Kesari Bhath (Dessert) - Kesari bhath also known as Sajjige, is a sweet dish from the south indian state of Karnataka. It is a sweet made from boiled suji or cream of wheat, sugar, and fruits. It is a great tea time snack as well as a delicious dessert dish. Kesri Bath is also called Sooji Halwa in most of the parts of north India where it is a very popular dish.  

Pineapple Pachhady - Kerala Cuisine is blessed with many Pineapple dishes,and this Pineapple Pachadi is one of my favorite.And in southern Kerala,this sweet dish is used as an accompaniment for Sadyas. 

Fish Molee – Fish Molee is the best Kerala fish curry that is suitable for those who don’t like spicy curries. 

Ven Pongal - Ven pongal is a common and popular breakfast in Tamilnadu. Generally, Ven pongal is served with coconut chutney, sambar and vadai. It is a very simple yet tastier dish. 

Avial (Semi dry mix vegetable) - Avial is an important dish popular in Kerala, the God's own country. Avial is an excellent option for veg lovers. Avial looks fabulous in presentation as it is prepared with many vegetables like carrot, drumsticks, peas, pumpkins, gourds, beans, etc, for flavor and seasoning coconut paste, curry leaves are used. 


East India Cuisine

East Zone of India is a hot mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Cultural and lingual diversity along with rich histories and geographic heterogeneity of the encompassing states makes the cuisine of this zone unique and unsurpassable.

Popular East India Cuisine 

Rassogolla (Dessert) - Rasgulla (spongy cheese balls, dipped in sugar syrup), is a heart winning Bengali dessert. It is like the king among Indian sweets and savours. Rassogolla are so mouthwatering that if you taste one, you can't stop yourself by craving again and again. 

Sondesh (Dessert) - Please ypur family and loved ones with the sweet and delicious Bengali sweet dish, Sondesh. Sondesh is traditional bengali sweet dish prepared with khoya and cottage cheese. Feel the sweetness of Bengal in your own kitchen today and remember, prepare it with love. It will be more tasty. 

Doi Machch (Sea Food) - Doi Machch is a recipe of Eastern part of India. It is specially prepared by the Bengalis of West Bengal. Rohu fish is the perfect for cooking Doi Mach. The ingredients of preparing Doi Mach are given below. Get them from the market and follow the instructions of cooking and then this recipe of West Bengal is ready to serve. 

Thekua (Dessert) - Popularly known as Khajoor, Thekua is popular homemade desser from Bihar and Jharkhand. Thekua is a sweet and crispy dessert prepared with whole wheat flour, sugar and chopped coconuts. 

Sattu (Powder or flour of roasted gram) - Sattu (powder or flour of roasted gram) is a mixture of different whole wheats and used very commonly to prepare several dishes and snacks in homes and restaurant throughout India. Dishes made from Sattu are very nutritious and suitable for all age groups. Sattu is also considered very necessary for a growing child.


West India Cuisine 

Variety is the spice of life and also the hallmark of cuisine of the West Zone of India. Diversity in the geographical area in this zone from the most arid to the wet and coastal makes this zone most versatile in terms of cuisine. Smorgasbord of this zone contains a wide range of both simple vegetarian and delectable non-vegetarian inclusive of the exotic and world famous sea food. Mouth waters even at the very name of Maharashtra's bhel puris, Gujarat’s dhoklas, Rajasthani bati choorma, and Goa’s vindaloo. 

Popular West India Cuisine 

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